Prepositions are frustrating! How well do you know yours?

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Your friend visited your home recently.  They forgot something.  Write a letter to your friend about this situation.  In your letter include:

-what your friend forgot

-where the item is now

-a proposed arrangement to return the item

Dear Jose,

I am writing for/on/to two reasons.  Firstly, my wife and I would like to thank you for your visit last night.  You and Sharon are great company.  Secondly, I wanted to let you know that you forgot your laptop when you left.  Allow me to elaborate.

I imagine that upon arriving home you realized it was missing, but on/about/in the event you did not I wanted to write this letter to tell you.  The laptop is still sitting where you left it at/between/on the coffee table in/at/around our living room.  My wife and I have appreciated having your library of music to tap into.  However, I should point out that I could not track down the computer’s carrying case, so I hope this is on/among/around your things.

I suppose we will have to arrange a time to meet.  I am free any day this week, aside from Sunday.  What day and time suit you?  We could either drive it your direction, or you could come our way to pick it up.

Your friend,


Many high school students take part time jobs.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

At/Among/To many cultures, adolescents are encouraged to work part time.  But this is a phenomenon that is not universally encouraged, as many people feel such an arrangement has drawbacks.  This essay will look at the advantages and disadvantages associated among/to/with working high school students.

On the one hand, students who work part time gain business exposure and learn to handle money.  For example, companies like McDonald’s often hire high school students to work their front cash registers.  For these young adults, they are learning both how to deal among/below/with people in a professional way and how to transact money.  As these sorts of hands on abilities are not taught in schools, it is clear that several advantages derive from/to/towards students working part time.

However, on the other hand, students who choose to work during their high school years spend time away from their studies and may be exposed to dangerous situations.  For instance, I remember as a student once working by/within/in a restaurant in an underdeveloped part of my city.  The clientele often had serious personal problems, such as drug and alcohol addiction.  To make matters worse, I worked so many weekly hours at this restaurant that my school grades started to suffer.  As this experience shows, there are several disadvantages that can befall working students.

Following this look, it can be concluded that part time work among students should be engaged on/for/by a case-by-case basis.  So long as a working arrangement does not infringe upon a student’s safety or their grades, it is recommended that part time work be pursued by/from/to all adolescent people

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  1. Useful sentences for the essay writing:
    Ryan Higgins

    Based on Ryan’s Youtube presentation

    Introduction: (4 sentences)

    1. since the dawn of time——-.
    2. Throughout history,——.
    3. It is agreed that——.
    4. This argument will be proven by looking at how—.

    More examples on sentence 1(abroad background sentence that leads your reader into the topic that you are going to talk about): globally, all around the world, as long as there has been technology…

    More examples on sentence 2 (more detailed and becomes more specific, we talk more specifically about the topic): it is commonly seen…

    More examples on sentence 3 (your thesis, in the argument essay. It is the most important sentence to write. This is going to tell your IELTS examiner exactly what your position is on your essay question. Often students think that the thesis is a very difficult sentence to write, but it is not. All it has to do is to state very clearly what you position is on the essay question you have been issued): It is disagreed that, it is supported; the idea of such and such is not supported …

    More examples on sentence 4 (It gives an outline of the two points that you are going to use to support your thesis. You put two points (opinions) after this sentence).

    The first supporting paragraph: (4 sentences)

    5. For one,———.
    6. For example,—–.
    7. This makes it clear—-.
    8. As this shows,—–.

    More examples on sentence 5 (uses some kind of a phrase that lets our reader know that we are going to share a point that is in connection with what we were talking about in the introduction. We are making a claim): Firstly…

    More examples on sentence 6 (It has to share some kind of evidence to show your point in action. So you have to show something from the real world that proves what you were saying is true. We are showing an example that shows that the claim in number 5 is true): For instance…

    More examples on sentence 7 (Its is a discussion sentence, and this a sentence that is going to show how your example proves your point (how number 6 proves number 5 or show number 5 to be true. We are discussing or stating very clearly how number 6 show that number 5 is true): Because of this example…
    More examples on sentence 8 (This sentence does only one thing, it links this paragraph back to your thesis. It shows that this whole paragraph and the idea that we presented inside of it supports what we have said in the thesis. So when your IELTS examiners read through your essay, they can see very clearly that this structure “the entire structure” is working together as a team. This paragraph is not standing by itself. This paragraph is working together with the Introduction paragraph and both paragraphs are working together to support your thesis or your argument).

    The second supporting paragraph: (4 sentences)

    9. In addition to this,—-.
    10. An instance illustrating this in action is —-.
    11. Thus,—–.
    12. It is obvious from this that—–.

    More examples on sentence 9 (Because this the second point that you are bringing up you are going to use a phrase such as; in addition to this…secondly,….moreover,…These are phrases that tell your reader that this is a point that is coming in addition to another point. This a second point in a series. By using phrases like this we make our reader feel more at ease. It is more fluent to read writing that is written this way. So, in addition to this and then we fill in our point, whatever the second point was).

    More examples on sentence 10: (This sentence is another example. You can write: for instance…or take something for instance…and then fill in your example whatever your example is).

    More examples on sentence 11: (is another discussion sentence, which is showing how sentence number 10 and how our example proves sentence number 9. So we can use words like: thus…as can be seen from this example…and then you just say what the point is that you are trying to make).

    More examples on sentence 12: (is once again linking this paragraph back to your thesis. We can use a phrase like: it is obvious from this that ….and then whatever our thesis is).

    13. Following this look at—–.
    14. It has been proven that—–.
    15. Thus, it is recommended—–.

    More examples on sentence 13: (is a summary of the two supporting points you used in your essay. So we start this sentence with something like: following this look at….point number one and point number two…).

    More examples on sentence 14: (is a restatement of the thesis, which means we have to say our thesis again and we are going to do this using different word of course, because we do not want to be repetitive. It has been shown that…so here we say that we have proven something, we have proven the thesis. We are stating very clearly the conclusion. So when your IELTS examiner reads this, this helps to reinforce their feeling that you have achieved your task, which was to either show support for something or to refute something.

    More examples on sentence 15: (is a recommendation or prediction. We can use sentences like: thus it is predicted that….and go on to say what is predicted. Recommendations and predictions are nice ways to finish your essay).

    So, that is the basic structure and those are the basic sentence structures that you will be using to support your points and your thesis.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi dear, I took my ielts exam on 1st december 2012.writing tasks were same as you wrote.However, a letter was-your friend forgot his mobile at your home in his recent visit.I hope i did well

  3. Naveen says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I have given exam today in Melbourne.

    Please find the questions below accroding to my remembrance.


    General Task 2

    Many people say that some people are too weak in giving speech or presenting to audience. Therefore it is suggested that presenting skills should be taught to children at school.

    How important are these presenting skills according to you?

    To what extent do you agree or disagree that these skills should be taught at school?

    Task -1

    Write a letter to your colleague who is arriving next month.

    1> why you are moving
    2> explain about your accommodation
    3> tell why this accommodation suits him/her

    Cue car:

    Explain the situation where you need to be polite
    1> where were you
    2> what you did to be polite
    3> what was the result of your politeness

    Please give the answers for the above questions at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks again for great service to students like me.


  4. Naveen says:

    @ anonymous


  5. Subham says:

    Is IELTS or TOEFL must for work in Canada ?
    I would like to work in canada as a driver, Like this entry level jobs need IELTS or not .

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