Recent General Task 1 question (full written response) May 2011 exam

An online student of mine recently told me they saw the following question on the Task 1 portion of their General exam:

An annual event was recently held in your area.  Write a letter to the organizers of this event congratulating them on a successful production.

In your letter, include:

-the details of the event

-what you most liked about the event

-a polite criticism of something you thought could be improved

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to congratulate you on your recent performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night this past Saturday at the Mickelson Theatre of the Arts in Brisbane.  Here in Brisbane, we look forward to your annual displays of the world’s most celebrated writer.  It was a magnificent show, and I am sure everyone in the audience was as mesmerized as I was.

Let me start by saying your choice to cast Alice Piper for the lead role was very fitting.  I personally found her performance particularly astonishing and was the highlight of the evening for me.  Victor Kempler’s interpretation of the character Sebastian made for good accompaniment, however I have to say that I feel an older actor would have probably been more suitable.  This is only a minor imperfection, though, and one that paled in comparison to the event’s strengths.

Congratulations on your fantastic effort!  You have left Brisbane waiting with enthusiasm for your return next year.



Ryan’s note:

  • Alice Piper, Victor Kempler and the Mickelson Theatre of the Arts are people and places created by me

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