Nowadays, more and more young unmarried adults are choosing to study and live outside their parents’ homes. Ryan writes a model essay…


Nowadays, more and more young unmarried adults are choosing to study and live outside their parents homes.

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  1. Aizhan says:

    Hello, Ryan!
    I read your article. Everything that you described seems very true and convincing. But just want to add something from my life.
    I am 23 years old. I finished a bachelor degree and now I’m working in one of the financial institutions. I live with my mom and my brother’s family. I imagine your thoughts after reading it. But we don’t have a problem in accomodation, we can split up in any convenient time. We like living together. We are strong support to each other, especially my mom for me. Maybe it’s not good for me, for my further adaptation to life, but I don’t consider I am not self-sufficient or mature, maybe not in a full measure.
    I think people who live apart from their parents face a lot of negative sides. There a lot of bad things in the world, and because of his/her little experience in life, all this bad affects can influence, it will give a certain prints on personality. Taking an example from a lot of young people surrounding me, eating doesn’t play a vital role for them, but actually it does. Every time to be angry is not a good perspective for the health.
    Spending weekends. You can’t always, everyday spend them with your friends, you need to help and spend time with your parents, typing it a realize it can be done even when you don’t live together. I just wanted to say that it‘s better to live in atmosphere when you help and you are helped too.

  2. Sudheer says:

    It is true that these days, many young adults are living away from their parents in pursuit of their career. Despite the fact that it is a difficult choice to live in a distant place from parents, there are several long-term benefits. It is agreed that this phenomenon is a positive curve and it will be proven by analysing how it helps young adults in the form of education, employment opportunities and various other external advantages.

    Firstly, it is a common fact that these days, there is a vast amount of competition in every field. As per the current market demands, one must posses better education and various other skills to secure a good job. Keeping this fact in mind, nowadays, so many adults chose to live away from their parents before marriage itself. For instance, I migrated to a City to pursue my Graduation. As a result, I was able to qualify current job market and found a well paid job. Had I been restricted myself to live at my native place, I would not be in this successful position. Apparently, this is the scenario holds true for so many of my friends.

    In addition to this, there are several other benefits such as supporting their parents without any financial stresses, freedom of decision making and improved social networking. It is very hard to savour these benefits without a successful career which is not possible to get without migrating away from parents at early stages of life.

    After looking at how young adults are benefiting from living away from their parents for education, it is agreed that this is a positive trend and anticipated to produce good results in future also.

  3. SUKHVINDER says:

    Hello Ryan how many views should be in a task 2 please reply as soon as possible because i have exam on 22 september

  4. Tom King says:

    This is not an IELTS T2 question

  5. ClassixVidya says:

    Please correct mine, Thank you..

    As time goes by, a child become a teenager then adult who want to discover the world freely. This has led to the young unmarried adults are choosing to study and live outside their parent home. This trend become a positive phenomenon especially to a young person who want to continue his study outside his city to get a better education or just to be freedom from their parents. This is shown by some experiences and arguments from me as example.

    I decided to study and live outside my city (parents) to get a better education, maturity and self-confident also express my freedom. When I chose this decision I have known the positive, negative also the risk so I had prepared myself to face the world outside. I have to keep studying well while preparing my own food, own clothes, own books , solving my problems, adapting the environment, socializing the community and do everything by myself. I also have to control and protect myself from the bad social networking and crime. It is very hard time migrating away from parents at early stages of life but I enjoy it.

    I also take this opportunity to more express my interest, my hobbies, my willingness, and explore the world freedomly. As those experiments growth my maturity, independent, self-confident and allow me to have a good management time and choose which one the first priority.

    As the above illustrates, a young unmarried adult growth into a mature and self-sonfident individual when they live outside his parents’ home. It allows young people to more understand themself which they can or can’t do and choose the best decision for their lives. These phenomenon is positive and should be encourage to pruduce a mature – self confident –success adult.

  6. Junaid says:

    Hi Ryan,

    appreciate if you could post sample essay of below task. as it seems bit diffcult to understand. i believe it would be argument essay but just not getting appropriate ideas for well structure essay answer. Thanks

    “In many countries, much traditional culture is being neglected, while technologically generated music, art, cinema, etc is taking over. This means genuine talent and real culture are disappearing.
    Do you agree or disagree?”

  7. Anonymous says:

    hi Ryan,

    Needed an help for below task, that would be a great help for me.
    ”In Today’s Society, both western medicine and traditional, complementary forms of medicines are widely known and used. The effectiveness of these kind of treatment is determined by the patient’s mental attitude towards it..

    Do you agree or Disagree.
    That would be great help if u wil answer this question..

  8. Anonymous says:

    hi ryan!
    i completely agree with you as i m in the same situation, staying away from my parents. however dats true the survival without your parents around is not easy but still we learn so many things. though we face many bad situation, but every time we face difficulty , we surely come up with a new personality and learn many things.
    leaving in a comfort zone wont teach you much and moreover someday in your life you have to leave your parents than what wud u do. its been almost five years, m away from my home n if i compare myself with what i was before 5 years back so there is huge difference. i have learnt a lot and the best thing is that, that my parents appreciate it, so what else do you need 🙂

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