Here is how to add new words and phrases to your IELTS journal…

I was lucky enough to log into just after our online friend, Matilda, posted this excellent BBC study resource of tips for all portions of the exam:

While on the topic, I would like to elaborate on the idea of ‘Word Maps’. Please try to write more than just the definition for new words you encounter. You should be including example uses of the word and adding additional uses you encounter in your day-to-day life.

So, for example, if a student sees the verb ‘sap’ in one of their readings, they should note both the definition and use:

sap (v.)

  • to drain
  • ‘sapped the morale of the army’
  • ‘sapping demand globally’

When you next go to review your vocabulary log, you will be reminded of how you saw the word in use.

What new words have you encountered this week? In what context were they used? Please reply to this post with your thoughts.

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4 Responses to Here is how to add new words and phrases to your IELTS journal…

  1. Matilda says:

    Dear Ryan
    You made me surprised.
    You’re welcome!
    I’m also lucky I found this site before my exam.
    My test is next Saturday(on 8th October).
    I’ll do my BEST.

    I hope you enjoy your happy day.

  2. Manuel says:

    Hi! Matilda &Ryan !,
    I Found this site and I’m enjoying each day these contents too, I hope you have a excelent experiencie with the IELTS.

    I’m from Venezuela and I studing a lot for my next IELTS test, well my first one.

    Best regards and GOOD LOOK to every one!


  3. Avarna says:

    I am lucky that i found this site before my IELTS exam.Thae way you write your essay,its amazing .My exam is on oct 22nd.I will try my level best.

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