Sound more academic in your IELTS Task 2 response instantly!

An important skill to master is the art of being able to present your opinion without using personal pronouns. IELTS students often like to write ‘I think…’, ‘I believe that…’, ‘Our world today…’ or other such phrases that express their personal opinion or the collective opinions of a group they belong to using active, personal pronouns. A trick to instantly help your essay sound much more academic is to learn to write passively and to avoid phrases that use these personal pronouns.

So basically…

‘I think that…’ would become: ‘It is thought that…’.
‘I believe that…’ would become: ‘It is believed that…’.
‘Our world today…’ would become: ‘The current global situation…’ or ‘In today’s world…’.

To see this in action, take the following 2 sentences as an example:
(1) Our world today is unstable in many ways.
(2) The current global situation is unstable in many ways.

Can you see how sentence 2 has a much more academic air to it than sentence 2? Making this little change will do wonders for the tone of your essay.

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