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by Ryan

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Should education and healthcare be free of charge and funded by the government, or should it be the responsibility of the people to pay for these services?

History and human development have proven that education and healthcare are fundamental human rights and should not be restricted to anyone regardless of financial status.  Thus, it is argued that the funding of education and basic healthcare is a responsibility that should be borne by a country’s government.  This will be proven by looking at how such an arrangement leads societies to higher standards of living, which in turn leads to greater degrees of productivity per capita.

Firstly, when the people of a society do not need to worry about paying for education and healthcare, they have greater freedom to develop as human beings.  For example, the Human Development Index is a chart that compares countries based on their citizens’ life expectancy, level of education and income expectancy.  It is no surprise that countries providing free healthcare and education (such as Sweden and Australia) consistently have higher HDI levels than countries that do not provide these services.  Thus, academia and medical support should be provided by governments.

In addition to the above, it appears that when a society’s concern for personal wellbeing is lessened, the productivity of its people increases.  For instance, gross domestic product per capita values appear to move in tandem with HDI values.  Thus, the tie between longer life expectancy, education and GDP can be seen.  It therefore is clear that governments capable of providing educational and healthcare resources for their societies encourage positive growth.

As the above discussion shows, countries are most benefitted when governments take on the burden of education and medical expenses.  It is therefore hoped that all countries around the world strive to provide such an arrangement.

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