(Survey results) Here are what the readers of ieltsielts.com want to see in 2012

Many thanks to those of you who took the time to complete my ieltsielts.com survey.  Your feedback is invaluable.  Here is a bit of a profile of the average ieltsielts.com reader:

  1. 70% of you are taking the Academic exam.  25% are taking the General exam.  5% are not taking the exam.
  2. 26% of ieltsielts.com readers are taking the IELTS exam within the next week.  (Good luck!)  Almost 50% of you will take the exam within the next 2 months.
  3. Over 50% of you have known me less than 3 months (nice to meet you; please add me as a friend on Facebook!), while 20% of you have been watching my videos for over a year.  Thank you to those of you who have been telling your friends about my blog via its Facebook page and my ‘like’ link above.  If you haven’t shared this blog, please help support my work by doing so.

And here is what you want to see in 2012:

  1. According to your comments, many of you want to see increased focus on vocabulary building and understanding of sentence structure and have asked me to continue the ’30 Second IELTS’ vocabulary series I started last year.  I will do this.  As with last year, these lessons will initially only be sent to my IELTS newsletter subscribers.
  2. 96% of survey-takers responded they wanted to see more IELTS-related contests in 2012 (click here to see last year’s contest).  I think this is a great way to practice your skills, too.  Please watch for an email I will send out to you later today detailing 2 new contests we will run to kick off 2012 right.
  3. Many people asked me to start correcting essays for free.  Although I did this 5 years ago, I couldn’t possibly keep up with the submissions if I were to do it now.  At some point, I hope to create a forum where you can post your essay and have other students (and the IELTS examiners and instructors who read this blog) comment.  For now, I can only offer my online paid service (which, by the way, received an over 90% approval rating in the survey) and my ebooks, that I’ve priced fairly to allow access to everyone.
  4. There were also quite a few people who requested I begin focusing on the other sections of the exam.  I will try my best to do this.
  5. Many people pointed out that my blog favors Task 2 responses over Task 1 (particularly for the Academic exam).  I will make a more conscious effort to provide more Academic Task 1 models.
  6. To those of you who asked, I am currently working on an ebook for General module Task 1 portion of the exam.

Thank you again for your feedback!


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