(Task 1 Academic/General writing contest!) Time for another online writing contest, don’t you think?

Let’s get writing!

I received 37 submissions to our last contestThis time, I’m hoping we can clear 50 entries.

For those of you unfamiliar with the online IELTS contests I run from this website, the rules are simple:

  • -complete a written response to the question given
  • -email your written response to ryanthiggins@gmail.com (as a .doc or .docx attachment, please) before 23:59 this Saturday night, the 24th of March
  • -write ‘IELTS contest‘ as the subject of your email (This step is very important!  Last time a handful of submissions went missing in my email simply because students did not write the correct subject.)

Entering this contest is free of charge (this means you do not have to pay any money!), but I am asking you to help spread the word about this blog.  Thus, to download the contest questions, you will need to Tweet this blog on Twitter.com or Share this blog on Facebook.  To do this, click ‘Pay with a Tweet or Facebook’ (I promise this will in no way charge you any money).  Once your Tweet or Facebook post is made, you will be able to download a pdf file of our contest questions and enter the online contest!

Click this button to download the contest questions now:

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