Task 1 (General) as seen in Brisbane, Australia, 25 June 2011, model letter response

You are really impressed with the work of a photographer who captured guests at your friend’s party.  Write a letter to the photographer asking them to work at your next family event.  Your letter should include:

  1. Why you would like them to work for you.
  2. Which picture you liked most and why.
  3. What the family event is and what photo sizes you will require.

Dear Paul Lawson of Lawson Photography,

I am writing to you regarding your work and am hoping I can provide you more of it.

Honestly, I was quite taken by the portraits, couples and group shots you took at my friend Richard’s party last weekend.  The photos, now framed and sitting atop Richard’s piano, really captured the evening well and appear to be among the highest quality photography work I have ever seen.  In particular, there is a photo of Richard’s grandmother and grandfather, both Holocaust survivors, which reflects their happiness well and makes them look quite dignified in their old age.

Thus, I suppose it goes without saying that I am hoping I can convince you to join my family next month for the baptism of my cousin Robert’s son.  We’re hoping to have both indoor and outdoor small group shots, photos of the baptism itself and larger group shots of the entire family during the reception to follow.  All photos are to be in wallet and standard portrait sizes.

Hoping you will join us next month,


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8 Responses to Task 1 (General) as seen in Brisbane, Australia, 25 June 2011, model letter response

  1. Perminderjit Kaur says:

    I,m really finding it very helpful to prepare for my next ielts exam. As I was interacting with the problems in writing, during my last ielts test i followed the procedure you adviced on youtube to complete the essay and get 6.5 in writing otherwise I have given 7 ielts and never get more than 6 in writing. But now I would prepare nicely and get 7 as I have got your book “How to write at level 9”. Is there any help for speaking as I always get 6 or 6.5 in speaking and want to get 7.

  2. Amrit Singh says:

    Hi Ryan
    Just i want say you thanks very much for posting unvaluable prectice materials .I am preparing my Ielts exam i think ielts blogs contibution will be the unique role in my life to get the desired band score.

  3. rino joseph says:

    Dear Ryan,

    i was very weak in writing module,your newsletter and sample questions really helped me a lot.Thank u for that, Now i feel reading is very difficult,and i cannot manage time effectively. so iam seeking your advice,hopping that you help me to sort out this problem.

  4. Mihail says:

    Dear Ryan,

    A lot of thanks from me and my wife. We are both preparing for the IELTS exam. All your essays, letters and advice gives us hope I will get 7 in each band, or even better, an 8. For my wife the pressure is lower as he has to pass only 6 in each band.

    My wife and I almost had a quarrel over how to approach this type of causes/reasons and then solutions to a problem. I sat the IELTS exam last month and had the same problem with the ‘crime’ essay and only scored 6.5 in writing. I even pray for a discussion essay this next time as it’s more straightforward and easier to deal with.

    These said, it would be greatly appreciated if you could post an answer to the pair of this letter with the photograph, namely the essay on ‘stress’ that I found on your fellow website blog:
    ‘These days people often feel stressed. What are the reasons for stress in people’s lives? What are the solutions?’

    Many thanks in advance,


    • Ryan says:

      Hi Mihail,

      Yes, I have that question on my list. I really hope to get an example essay up soon, but there are so many things to do these days it is difficult. I really appreciate your message and patience.
      Wishing you and your wife all the best on your exams,

  5. Chirag says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you very much for providing invaluable IELTS materials online. In the past, I had problems with writing task and especially with Task 2. Having gone through your tutorials, I realized my mistakes in Task 2. I have book IELTS exam on 30th July. Hopefully, this time I would get the magic numbers….


  6. Megan says:

    Dear Ryan,

    I have a question regarding the lengths of my writings.

    I find myself often write approximately 50 words more than required on both the tasks. When I practice at home, I normally have 3 minutes for checking grammar mistakes after writing, so there will not be issue on completing the tasks. However, I was just wondering if writing more on each task will effect my score? (Will I be more likely to get higher mark, will I be marked down for not being concise, or it does not matter at all?)

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  7. Alexlnd says:

    Hello everybody,
    is there anyone got ielts test yesterday?

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