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pie charts - what australians did after secondary school

The three pie charts communicate the status of young people in Australia after leaving secondary school for the years 1980, 1990 and 2000. Overarching trends between these three points in time can be seen when the pie charts are compared.

The rising rate of employment among post-secondary young people in Australia decelerated over the 20 years in question. This share rose from 40% in 1980 to 50% by 1990 before swelling further to 55% by 2000. A less substantial shift in weighting occurred among young people in Australia who sought further education after completing their secondary studies. This demographic made up 50% of the total in 1980 but fell to 38% by 1990 and further to 37% by 2000. By comparison, young people in Australia that could be identified as ‘unemployed’ followed a growth pattern that was more varied, making up 10% of the total in 1980, 12% in 1990 and 8% in 2000. It is likely these three differing growth patterns carried on in a similar fashion beyond the year 2000.

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