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These days, many jobs require people travel and this is disrupting many families. What effects do traveling parents have on their children?

With globalisation and a common business culture encroaching among/on every corner of the world, work related travel is becoming increasingly prevalent. Although this may be positive for international economies, the effect this trend has on parent-child relationships is questionable. I argue that parents who/whom spend excessive amounts of time away from home negatively influence the development of their children. This will be shown by looking amid/at the need children have for both a stable household structure and regular interaction with a positive adult role model.

For one, disruption upon/of a nuclear family’s household structure can have devastating effects on a child’s educational pursuits. For example, a recent American study revealed that children living with single parents were 30% less likely to enrol in/into university than children living within traditional two parent homes. As this example shows a clear link between parental absence and the lowering of a child’s academic successes, it is easy to see that children of traveling parents are at risk of underperforming in their studies. Thus, the drawbacks work related travel has/have on parent-child relationships can be seen.

In addition to this, when their parents travel, children are deprived for/from regular interaction with a positive adult role model. Without supervision, young people all/greatly too often turn to television for stimulation. The effect this has towards/on the development of a child’s mental health can be seen among some Canadian families, where teenaged children show clear signs of lethargy, indifference and late mental maturity. Thus, the negative ramifications that result from/aboard absent parents are obvious.

After looking at the poor influence traveling mothers and fathers have on their offspring, it is clear that parents are best to minimise the amount of time they spend away from their homes.

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  1. Raj says:

    Hi Ryan,
    This was very good. Thanks for all your help. I got 9 out of ten.
    Thanks heaps

  2. Hey Ryan!

    Thanks for mailing me the link to this video.

    It’s so important to get the verb coupling(s) and verb subject agreement correct, without these students can loose marks.

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  3. JDP says:

    Hi Ryen,

    I have question regarding the essay topic. It says “What effects on …”. If I write the discussion essay by giving opinion in conclusion, will that be wrong for this kind of essay.


  4. kulsoom says:

    i scored 8/10.

  5. Sunish says:

    Hi Ryan,
    It was a wonderful experience., I got 9/10. But interesting thing is that every time you stick to your best pattern in your writing style. The mark goes in fact for your proven system of writing style which is amazing.
    Sunish J Manalody.

  6. Denis says:

    Very confused with “Thus, the drawbacks work related travel HAS…”

  7. Ziaul Huda says:

    HI Rayan,
    This was helpful and knwledgeable. I got 9 correct answers out of 10.
    I have one suggestion. If you give a kind of gap fill exercise about the same phrases used in video, It would be quite a challenging task for students. What i am hoping that you would take into consideration the way i am suggesting.

  8. Angela Wang says:

    Thanks for the lesson; however, I am quite confused with the question – Thus, the drawbacks work related travel HAS…” I got 8 out of 10. Even though I enjoy your using different ways to teach writing, I prefer that you talked more about why you write the paper that way, which I lack most.
    Thanks again!

  9. setareh says:

    Thanks a lot for your helpful video.My score was 7 out of 10.I know it is not good enough but i learn some new vocabulary and phrases.

  10. Abhishek says:

    I got 9 Correct out of 10.

  11. Seham says:

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    Thank u so much I got 8 , but it is really useful, great idea to cover the phrasal verbs and new vocabulary as well as the essay itself .
    thank you.

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    i hav got ielts academeic exam on 19 may
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