(Video) Can you pick the correct wording in this sample IELTS response for the Task 1 portion of the Academic exam?

Here is the question (recreated from an Academic Task 1 question seen in Wollongong, Australia) and sample response as they appear in the video.  Can you pick the correct wording for each scenario?  Please post your score and any other feedback you have to the comments section of this blog entry.

The following graph outlines paper and plastic cup production at a factory over the period of one year.  Write a brief report of at least 150 words describing the information depicted.

This graph shows the very volatility/volatile production quantities of paper and plastic cups over the course of one year.  No obvious correlation between the manufacturing levels of each cup type appears/appear to be present.

From 1.1 million units in January, the paper cup figure grows to roughly 1.7 million units in February before dropping to almost/modestly its original value in March.  It then climbs to just shy of 1.8 million units in April prior to hitting/hit a plateau of roughly 1.2 million finished cups during May, June and July.  This number falls steadily to less than a million to/by September and then jumps to over 1.5 million units in October.  Paper cup levels finish the year at a hair less than 1.2 million.

Equally unpredictable/irrational, plastic cups commence the year at fewer than 1.2 million units.  The months of February, April, June, August, September and December all hover at roughly a million finished products each.  Between these months, however, production values spike/dip to varying levels, the highest of these being in July at 1.75 million.  Total plastic cup production for the year appears almost/to be approximately equal to that of paper.

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