(Video) How do I start sentences in my IELTS Academic Task 1 response?

In the following video, we use this IELTS Task 1 question:

The graph and diagram below show how and to what degree water was used in Australia in 2004.

 Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features.

Average annual household water usage in Australia (2004)

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17 Responses to (Video) How do I start sentences in my IELTS Academic Task 1 response?

  1. viren says:

    Thankyou !!!!

  2. setareh says:

    It was really helpful.

  3. Anthony Hara, Ielts Instructor says:

    Good job and thanks!

  4. Asma says:

    Thanks, it is really helpful and I enjoyed it so much!

  5. swetha says:

    Hi Ryan,

    what is the difference between “compared to” and “compared with”
    I get confused using these words,could you please explain.thanks.

  6. Radmila says:

    My long-expected video on Task 1 response! I have noticed that you are an avid reader, because among other online teachers of IELTS and English as a whole I have to adress the vocabulary more frequently exactly on your task responses and tutorials! But it is quite useful to boost my academic vocabulary, so continue on the same lines! Your work is appreciated by many other students besides me! Best wishes, Radmila.

  7. Faiz says:

    It is an excellent lesson. In your eBook shows that you must write Interpreting Paragraph which is summary, but you did not do it. Can you explain please? Thank you and happy new year.

  8. Ali Mohamed says:

    Hi Ryan
    Thank you for your explaination and examples
    I like to ask you question and if posible give advice
    I understood every sentence when the people are talk each other bu.t When I went to make sentence I can’t even made three lines so what is problem for me Its spelling desease or sentences desease

  9. Ed says:

    Hi Ryan,
    If I responded this essay by saying that “the peak water usage is seen in summer months and the lowest consumption found in winter months in Australia” for the general trend of the line graph,would it be a better replacement of simply saying ” the graph shows upward and downward of water usage throughout the year”.

    I am often puzzled with this.


  10. Astghik Harutyunyan says:

    Dear Ryan,

    Your video is a great help.
    Thank you very much,

    However, there is something unclear: you have started by using Past Indefinite, but afterwards, you have used Present Indefinite tense.

    I would like to know if it is correct way?

    Thank you in advance.


  11. arif says:

    that was really helpfull

  12. Anonymous says:

    keep going we are in your hand
    thanks RYAN

  13. Ilyas says:

    Dear Ryan,

    It was a very helpful video, thanks. However, I have 2 questions to ask:

    1. Some things like water consumption is usually looked at the less its usage is the better. So I’m not convinced that it is ok to say “This depression dips slightly lower through June and July but appears to recover … “. Shouldn’t it be something like “This improvement progresses to … through June and July and appears to worsen … ”

    2. Should we write ” … is used in the bathroom.” or ” … was used in the bathroom” as the numbers were referrring to the past?

    Thanks for your reply, Ryan.

  14. jayanthi says:

    Hi, Ryan,
    I am using your video lessons as part of my IELTS Exam.preparation. I find it very useful because I am now learning how to make structure in essay writing only after hearing from you. Thank you very much for your valuable lessons available on web and youtube.

  15. Julia says:


    Your videos are VERY helpful, thank you for sharing them.

    I have a question regarding your example in this video. Where is the conclusion from the given example? Thank you!


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