(Video) How to include personal examples in your essay

In this video, we analyze a question seen this month in San Francisco (General exam):


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6 Responses to (Video) How to include personal examples in your essay

  1. ima says:

    was sooooooooo useful thak you.

  2. Marian says:

    This is a valuable lesson, thank you. Now, I begin to notice some mistakes that I used to write in my essays. I would like to watch some more videos, this one was a great help.

  3. Rama Grover says:

    You are a gem. Your lectures are of great help. I would like to know if you give personal classes to groups/individuals in Dubai? My writing is weak, i scored 6.5 in my last 2 attempts, this time i must get minimum 7 in writing in order to support my PR application for Australia.(my overall band was 8 but writing ditched me). My exam is on 24th Sept. Anyway you can help?

  4. Radmila says:

    Thank you very much Ryan. It was very helpful indeed! You are a great teacher!

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