Video – IELTS Speaking – What do I do if … ?!

What other phrases can you think of that would be helpful to commit to memory prior to engaging the IELTS speaking exam?  Leave them as a comment to this post.  I’ll share my thoughts in the comment thread, too.

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7 Responses to Video – IELTS Speaking – What do I do if … ?!

  1. Raman says:

    Thanks Ryan for sending this video as it has cleared my queries and problems which I had faced when I appeared in IELTS last time.

  2. I like this ielts lesson. I don’t know is it a speaking lesson or a writing lesson. I think it is very much helpful for the academic ielts examinees.

  3. mariam says:

    Thanks Ryan for sending this video its very helpfull for me. it has solved my problems

  4. sarah says:

    Thank you Ryan for this wonderful piece of information. Its very helpful,but please suggest that the fear of examiner makes us forget all these important things…we can hardly recall and utter it well.Please suggest anything.

  5. Ziaul Huda says:

    HI, Rayan
    If we need to prepare metally for a couple of seconds.The following phrase can also be used.
    What I am trying to say……..

  6. Seham says:

    Thank you Rayan,It is really helpful ,I have been terrified from the speaking exam specially it is face to face .

  7. May Zin Thein says:

    Sir, I have watched your online video and I found it very helpful in speaking.Thank you very much for everything , sir. Have a good day.

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