(Video) Run through this video series to brush up on your grammar

I’m very happy to see mrthoth is back making his videos on English grammar (which are by far the best I’ve come across online).  If your written grammar is weak, these videos are a must-see.  Visit his YouTube channel here to watch all 55 videos.

Grammar is a cornerstone of the IELTS writing process.  User mrthoth’s latest video ‘What is a verb?’ is a real straightforward look at how a complex English sentence can be built upon a very basic partnership between a subject and verb.  In the essays I mark every day, I often see students that try to write long, elaborate sentences in an effort to impress their reader.  The problem is that they do not fully understand very rudimentary grammatical practices.  Thus, they are trying to build complex sentence structures on a shaky foundation, which of course leads to problems.

Here is mrthoth’s ‘What is a verb?’:

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7 Responses to (Video) Run through this video series to brush up on your grammar

  1. Radmila says:

    Thank you for sharing! You are right! The lessons are beyond comparison!)

  2. Baidaa Ayad says:

    Thank you Ryan, your video is really helpful.

  3. Khin Moe Moe says:

    Many Thanks Ryan,
    This video is very useful and helpful for me because now I am learning my English from non-native speaker teacher . If possible please kindly post more for learners like me.

  4. Chigozie Onuzulike says:

    I find it difficult to access the video tapes. I believe that it would help me a lot in the practical aspects of your teachings if I succeed. What do I do?

  5. Irfan says:

    HI, I am going to take IELTS test after 1 month, so want to iorvmpe my spoken english so trying to add more and more people to talk with them, add me plz.my Skype ID is . dark007eyes

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