(Video) Writing a model General essay from start to finish

Here, we work through a helpful little exercise.  Please watch to the end as we go over the various levels of cohesion that exist in our finished work:

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4 Responses to (Video) Writing a model General essay from start to finish

  1. mahesh says:

    very good model essay

  2. Sithira says:

    Hi Ryne,

    I want to thank you for the service you are providing. Finally I scored required band score. I will not be able to do it without your help. I read your sample essays and tips. And your essay correction service was really helpful. Becuase of that I found my mistakes.
    I scored – Listening 8, Writing 7.5, reading 7.5, speaking 7.5 = overall 7.5

    Thanks a lot


  3. Dattatry Ahile says:

    Hello ryne,

    I am going to appear IELTS exam in General Training mode. Please suggest me the books avialable on your web for writing task 1 and 2.

  4. Imran Ali says:

    Thanks Ryan, This is a very good example essay with all the details of ideas and cohession. After reading your essays I am felling more confidant to sit in IELTS exam.

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