Yogyakarta, Indonesia, June 25 Task 2 question, full model response (Academic)

Recent question seen in Indonesia (shared by a student):

We are now surrounded by advertising. Further, the amount of advertising in the world is increasing at an alarming rate.  Discuss the positive and negative effects of this phenomenon.

The amount of advertising in the world has indeed been snowballing as societies increasingly embrace a more capitalist style of economic organization.  Although this trend brings with it a number of positive ramifications, negative aspects are also quite numerous.  Both sides will be analyzed in this essay.

To begin, advertising begets wealth and wealth begets opportunities for employment and economic competitiveness, and this is a positive thing.  Take China, for example.  Today, most Chinese city roads are awash in advertising.  This advertising does a lot to encourage spending, which acts as a cornerstone for the development of any economy.  As spending increases, demands for jobs increase and as jobs increase, the overall wealth of a people grows.  Thus, advertising can be seen as the base of economic development and as a critical tool to the developing of economies.

However, despite the positive things brought about by advertising, it is not without negativity.  To take the Chinese example further, advertising within China has spread from cities and permeated natural areas of the country as well.  The tea mountains of Hang Zhou, a once picturesque landscape, are now an eyesore as they are covered in billboards.  Thus, it is argued that advertising contributes negatively to the aesthetic quality of many natural regions.

Although opinions surrounding the merits of advertising are mixed, it is felt the growth of advertising is much more of a positive than negative trend within the world.  Thus, for the sake of economic development, it is hoped advertising increases the world over and helps to bring people together through the sharing of global brands.

Ryan’s notes:

  1. Please notice that I have written this advantages/disadvantages essay in a discussion essay style, sharing my opinion as part of the conclusion.
  2. Some good words/phrases to make note of: beget, permeate, Although opinions surrounding the merits of … are mixed


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