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This exercise is simple: fill in the 4 blanks with words that complete this essay.  In my original essay, I wrote 1 word per space.  You may write as many words as you need per space.  The goal here is not to match my original essay, it is to complete this essay in a logical and grammatically accurate manner.  Post your responses as a comment to this blog post.

Should children go to nursery school prior to their primary studies?  Share personal examples in your essay if applicable.

In most countries today, children attend some form of preschool before engaging their studies at primary school.  Although many feel this is an ideal arrangement, this essay will argue that a strong familial environment at home can replace the need for a child to attend nursery school.  This will be shown by analyzing how the skills needed for elementary studies can be taught at home and how having additional time with parents can help strengthen a child’s sense of __________.

For one, many of the skills a child develops in preschool can be taught by parents.  For example, when my nephew was 3, ‘sharing’ was one of the main topics the very young were expected to have __________ upon entry into primary school.  Despite not having attended preschool, my nephew finished his kindergarten years at the top of his class and was given a special award for his particularly strong sense of sharing.  This example makes it clear that nursery school attendance should not be assumed a precursor to success in elementary school.

In addition to this, preschool-aged children are forced to engage the world of academia before they have had a chance to properly __________ with their parents.  For instance, a study in the US recently revealed a link between preschool attendance and childhood feelings of abandonment.  As this report shows, a clear link appears to exist in many cases between nursery school students and subpar parental relations.  Thus, encouraging the very young to attend preschool studies may not be as positive a course of action as many think.

Following this look at how parents can both set an academic foundation and establish stronger relations with their children, the conclusion can be drawn that nursery schools do not need to be attended prior to primary studies.  It is hoped parents the world over recognize that education and childhood development extend __________ the classroom.

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