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(This model Academic Task 1 answer was written in response to a question seen on an IELTS exam held in Ireland in April of 2012.  Please leave your suggestion as a comment to this post.)

___________Insert your sentence here!____________.  Consumption for all countries varied between 1800 and 3350 calories and the differences seen do not appear to be sensitive to continent.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the country with the highest caloric intake was the United States, with a staggering 3350 calories consumed per day on average.  Not far behind was New Zealand, where people consumed about 3200 calories per day during the year in question.  Intakes for Spain and Mexico were slightly higher than 2500 calories per day.  On the lower side of the spectrum were countries like China, at 2200 daily calories, India, as 2100 daily calories, and Somalia and Indonesia, both at roughly 1800 calories per day.  When comparing the highest and lowest values, it appears as though Americans in 2003 ingested almost twice as much food as Indonesians.

The values presented in this graph are thought to be reflective of the diet, lifestyle and culture of each country.

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