You have 72 hours to enter my essay contest!


It has been way too long since we last held an essay writing contest.

I want you to enter!

The rules are very simple. All you need to do is write a response to the following essay question in 40 minutes or less and post it to this thread:

I will be providing band estimates and feedback to all submissions.

Our essay contest question is:

In some cultures, children are expected to follow very strict rules of behaviour. In other cultures, children are allowed to do almost anything they want. What are the merits of each opinion? What is your position on the matter? Include relevant examples in your response.

This is a plausible Academic or General Task 2 question.

I’m looking forward to reading your responses.

Good luck with your writing!

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4 Responses to You have 72 hours to enter my essay contest!

  1. Salman says:

    First of all we compare these two cultures by geographically and nation wide. in that cultre where childrens are strictly allowed for do any thing or behaviour. in this ulture the childrens are not

  2. maryam says:

    please let me know when is the next writing competition?
    thanks alot

  3. Saima Salman says:

    Of crucial importance, in my opinion, is how we bring up our kids with good manners, so they should learn certain rules of behavior. The process of learning should be moderate in nature with plenty of freedom for the child to explore his own abilities. While in some cultures, it is believed that the child is free to choose everything for himself ranging from personal daily stuff to key decisions of his life, which is devastating for him, however.
    As in some cultures the children are asked to follow rules, which is really good for the personality development. Moreover, they must learn to abide by the principles of home, school, and society as a full responsible individual. Like, a good citizen can only be productive to his country. Importantly, all the above process should moderately be controlled with ample freedom for an individual’s development. As a matter of fact, too many rules often results in emergence of rebellion in humans. For instance, if a child is asked not to do anything, it will generate curiosity in him and he will surely end up doing that thing without considering the advantages or disadvantages. Hence, it is wise to take a midway with a room for freedom.
    On contrary, in some societies children are given free choice to do what they like. Such children cannot be a good human being; they have their own rules to run the system. However, sometimes it helps promoting an opportunity of mental development in case of early stage of baby development. Unfortunately, most of the time such bossy children grown up into rigid persons, who even get involved in many antisocial activities: crimes, murder, corruption, and smuggling etc.
    A child should never be left on his own, because, on the long run, it can lead to a wild and uncivilized society. The key to this problem is having a balanced life with freedom and restrictions as well. Hence, we can make our world a much better, free of crime, and civilized place. In order to make sure that the right message gets everywhere, electronic media can play a crucial role by broadcasting such serials showing a balanced way of rearing a child.

  4. ashikIT says:

    please let me know when is the next writing competition

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