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Scientists predict that future generations will be able to live well past 100 years. Some people believe this is a good thing while others believe this development will bring about serious problems for the planet. Discuss both of these views and share your opinion. 

Extending human life has fascinated humankind for many millennia. This enthusiasm is today becoming ________, as modern technology continues to make tangible improvements in its ability to postpone death. This essay will look at both the benefits and drawbacks of extending human life past 100 years.

Firstly, the benefits humanity derives through prolonging human life are obvious. By extending the average human lifespan beyond 100 years, a person would be able to accomplish far more in a lifetime than at any other point in human evolution. Inventive and creative minds would ________ for decades longer than their predecessors, while others could be given the opportunity to enjoy experiences they may not have had without such advancements. Thus, it is clear that the lengthening of lifespans has several positive facets.

On the other hand, extending human life could take a significant toll on the environment and possibly lead to conflict. For instance, if humans were dying in fewer and fewer numbers, the Earth’s population would likely increase to the point where the resources needed to sustain all individuals were unavailable. This ________ could have tremendous consequences on global security, as violent conflict over dwindling resources would likely arise among competing groups and nations. The significant drawbacks to the delaying of death therefore can be seen.

In conclusion, while prolonging human life dramatically is a medical accomplishment that could lead to positive outcomes, the consequences of such actions may be dangerous and do more harm than good. Thus, movements towards extending human life well past 100 years should be carefully balanced with their ________.

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