(Model essay) IELTS Academic exam question as seen in Lagos, Nigeria, late October

The rate of unemployment in some countries is high. Because of this, there is no need to complete an education beyond a primary school level. Write an essay either for or against this position.

Many would agree that learning and the pursuit of knowledge should be continued throughout one’s life. Hence, the idea that education’s only merit is the fact it can help a person attain employment is considered ludicrous. Thus, I argue that education past a primary school level is needed whether unemployment in a person’s country is high or not. This will be proven by looking at how education for education’s sake leads to both individual opportunities and discoveries that benefit humanity as a whole.

To start, people who commit themselves to education regardless of work conditions in their country catalyse events that can lead them to professional and personal opportunities down the road. For example, during the Great Depression the United States experienced extremely high levels of unemployment for several years. Despite this, people remained committed to the powers of education and thus when the cycle of unemployment finished they were able to engage in skilled labour. These opportunities would not have been possible for these people without education. As this shows, snubbing academia when faced with high unemployment is a faulty strategy to follow.

In addition to this, the merits of education are not simply tied to a person professionally, as the pursuit of intellectual development can lead to inventions that benefit all humanity. For example, Steve Jobs released the iPhone after he turned 50 and this revolutionary product only came as a result of his lifelong learning. As this example shows, education can produce much more than basic employment options. Thus, people should take on the challenge of education regardless of the working situation in their country.

After looking at this subject, it is obvious that education brings more to people than simply professional chances and thus should be embraced in all business climates. I hope future generations choose a path of lifelong learning.

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