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“My scores are as follows: Listening: 8.5 Reading: 8.5 Writing: 8.0 Speaking: 8.5  I can’t believe I scored 8 in writing, as it was always my weakness! Your ebook entitled “How to write at band 9″ proved to be a great resource and played a pivotal role in my success!” -Awais (Saudi Arabia)

Welcome to my ebooks page! You are probably here because of my popular YouTube videos that teach IELTS Writing in an effective step-by-step manner. I have been teaching IELTS Writing online for over ten years, and in that time I have developed an actionable training system that gets serious results. In fact, my work has led candidates to writing bands as high as 9!

My ebooks are effective because they are actionable. I don’t waste your time explaining the structure of the exam, nor do I offer longwinded explanations of difficult to apply writing concepts. I know you want to have a breakthrough in IELTS as quickly as possible, and that’s why I keep my products focused entirely on improving your writing in an IELTS context.

From the first page of my ebooks, I share testing and language strategies that are proven to work, and I do this in a step-by-step manner to make the entire process accessible to candidates of all levels. Many people have reported on my podcast that my ebooks and courses unlocked an understanding of Task 1 and 2 structure they would have otherwise never had.

My products have created IELTS success stories all around the world, and I want you to also be successful on your exam. Here are just a few of the emails I have received since launching my ebooks and online courses:

“I wanted to share the excellent news with you. I finally cracked the writing test in IELTS and got 8.5! I want to thank you for your superb guidance.”

-Shina (India)

“I want to thank Ryan for the ‘How to write at level 9’ e-book. I have scored 7 in writing because of it. You are REALLY GOOD!”

-Carmen (Romania)

“I was an online student of Ryan’s. I took my IELTS and got R8-L8-W8-S7.5 . He gave me very valuable feedback when I gave him my essays and letters for review. I highly recommend him and his lessons.”

-Mike (China)

“I took my second IELTS exam in London (Acton Campus). The results have arrived and I’ve scored 8.5 in writing. 🙂 Well, I must admit that it is thanks to your ebooks and the Task 1 descriptions you’ve posted on your site. Thank you!”

-Beata (Iran)

“I’ve scored 8.5 in writing section of IELTS. I was greatly benefitted by the style you showed in your videos. I wish your best from my heart. May Allah help you in this world and the next.”

-AngelArif (YouTube comment)

“I cannot thank you enough! My overall score in the IELTS was 7, I suspected more when I am true, but the listening part was only 6 ;-( But I got 8 in the writing part which is due to you! Your eBook is awesome!”

-Markus (Germany)

“I got my IELTS results and it’s very exciting! This is my third time taking the exam.  The first two times, I only scored 6.5 in the writing module. This time I scored 7.5 and got an overall band of 8! Your online course definitely works!”

-Victoria (Russia)

“Thank you Ryan. It was all worth it. Practicing under time restrictions was the key and I got band 7.0 in writing. Thank you very much for the videos and book.”

-Khuram (UAE)

“I would like to thank you for your excellent online material. I had scores: Reading and Listening = 8.5 Writing = 7.5 Speaking = 7  I prepared just looking at your videos and ebooks and would suggest everybody not to look beyond your online material.”

-Rahul (India)

“I have just got my IELTS Academic Test results… Listening 8.5 Reading 9 Writing 8 Speaking 7.5 Overall 8.5 This is really great!”

-Vladan (Ukraine)

“I am writing to you to thank you for your efforts and the amazing Task 2 ebook, Youtube videos and writing model samples. Thanks to your guidance, I was able to increase my writing score from 6.5 to 7.5 and then to 8.5! I really don’t believe I could have done it without you. You also also helped me improve my writing generally, not just for the test. I haven’t seen a book as concise, straightforward and helpful as yours.”

-Imam (Pakistan)

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